Crest Nicholson

Social media campaign for a waterside community in Southampton


Crest Nicholson wanted to raise awareness of the Centenary Quay development to connect with the local Southampton audience and promote their latest sales phase.


The challenge Centenary Quay was facing was that not many people in Southampton were aware of this community, even though they have been in the area for 8 years.

We wanted to connect with the local audience, tell them about Centenary Quay as a destination and promote Southampton as a great place to live. 

Our social media listening revealed an engaged online community in Southampton, so to align with it we created #CelebrateSouthampton campaign. To give our campaign a strong visual identity we designed Celebrate Southampton graphics that were shared to promote local events and activities and connect with our audience. 

We ran the campaign for six weeks and had £450 to spend for the paid social media activities across both Twitter and Instagram. Our budgeting approach was flexible and the funds were distributed between two platforms in a way that brought the best return of investment.


Since the beginning of the campaign the engagement rate on both Twitter and Instagram channels have been going up; we are seeing more positive comments as well as a 90% increase in click-throughs to the website.

The engagement rate was up 80% resulting in 270 new followers and new audiences visiting the marketing suite as a result of our campaign.



Paid media budget, £


New followers




Engagement rate


Interactions on Twitter


Clicks to the website