Crest Nicholson

Email marketing strategy for Crest Nicholson


Crest Nicholson approached us to help them improve their email marketing campaigns. As their strategic digital partner we were tasked with transforming their simple email template and creating a new design and content plan that would engage and entertain their home-buyer audience.


Our first challenge was to create a new email template that would make the brand instantly recognisable and deliver a more consistent user journey. The original template was simple and overloaded with information so we restructured this completely, developing a new layout and ensuring it was responsive to suit audiences viewing it on multiple devices. The original template also had a lot of static content so we implemented more dynamic imagery, using moving image and adding more interactive features (like diary invites that allow people to click and RSVP while adding the event directly to their calendar).

The original look and feel was quite product focused but through audience research and split testing we were able to identify that the audience responded more to lifestyle-led imagery. To increase engagement we changed the focus of the imagery and also used audience segmentation tools and personalisation techniques to deliver the right message to the right people. As Crest Nicholson wanted to promote different developments in different areas, we also segmented data based on geographical location, ensuring a much more relevant user experience and delivering a more targeted campaign to drive results.

The email process also needed streamlining - the original campaigns were developed by multiple teams which meant there wasn’t a consistent tone of voice. We allocated a central team to the project to act as brand guardians, ensuring the messaging and overall look and feel mirrored the objectives of each campaign and what the audience wanted. This also led to a lot more efficiencies, which meant we could increase the number of campaigns and reach more people. Most recently we also worked with the brand to advise them on the impact of the GDPR and create an effective campaign to update their audience and encourage opt-in responses.


To date we’ve sent email communications to over 1,691,000 people and generated around 2,300 campaigns for the brand. We’ve achieved an average click-through rate of 6.88% and increased overall engagement - the industry average open rate is 17.5% and our campaigns have achieved an average open rate of 40%.