TF Sport

The driving force behind a new digital strategy


TF Sport is an international GT racing team that competes in events all over the globe. As an official Aston Martin Racing Partner Team, they’ve developed a high profile within the industry and built a dedicated following. The team wanted to collaborate with a strategic brand partner who could enhance their digital presence and develop their content, creating a cohesive online experience for fans.


TF Sport wanted to refresh their web presence to reflect their growth and success as the original site didn’t really tell their story or focus on user experience. We solved this by identifying the different audiences for the site and defining the information they needed from it. We used these to inform the user journey and to build up the site taxonomy and information architecture, designing a scalable solution using Drupal and creating a fluent user experience alongside it.

We also developed a host of new dynamic, interactive content to match their brand identity which include: a countdown clock (which updates with live content straight from the track on race day), a social feed which streams all of the latest social media updates/comments and a new team section which houses information on the drivers and the technical team, so fans can really get to know the brand. A short, snappy video now welcomes visitors to the homepage and combines energetic race photography with fast-paced music, really setting the tone and positioning the brand within the space. The team and their story will continue to evolve so it was important to develop a flexible site that they could manage independently. The CMS can be accessed and updated by the team, so fans will always be kept up to date with the latest news and events.


Since we got behind the wheel of their digital strategy, TF Sport’s online presence has accelerated rapidly which has helped to cultivate a strong social media following. The new website has resulted in a much more dynamic and interactive brand experience and the features have helped to create a consistent user journey across all of their digital platforms. Since winning the 2016 British GT, the brand has seen a number of other successes including a custom-built Scalextric car and a feature in the Forza 3 racing game.