Nuffield Health

Creating the tools to enable an informed choice for Nuffield Health


In April 2019 the UK Government increased the statutory minimum workplace pension contribution. Nuffield Health wanted to communicate two things to its employees that were currently contributing the minimum to their pensions, prior to the date of increase:

  1. They can choose how much they contribute

  2. Their employer, Nuffield Health, matches contributions to a certain amount.

Nuffield Health was aiming to engage with the many employees who do not actively consider how much they need to save for retirement, or fully know the options available to them. The challenge was to empower employees to make an informed decision about their contributions, in a way that felt transparent and was easily understandable, without influencing them to take a particular course of action.


Taking on board Nuffield Health’s objectives, we designed a campaign that was relatable and enabled members to clearly understand if, and how, the statutory changes could impact their lifetime retirement savings. Following the brief, we created a simple, integrated user journey that featured online and offline touchpoints clearly centered around one message proposition.

The campaign had three online elements which worked alongside offline elements :

  • An interactive contribution modelling tool;

  • A short, explainer video; and

  • A timed HTML that publicised the changes to the employees specifically affected by the change subsequently directing them to the modeler and video.

The email was a targeted call to action sent to work email addresses on an identified date and time that would gain the highest levels of engagement.

The contribution calculator and video were designed as assets that have longevity outside of the campaign and are useful for all employees. As such they are available for everyone to view online via the main Nuffield Health website.

The scope of this project evolved with our ambitions. Following the initial client meeting, we had proposed to create an animated video in keeping with similar campaigns. However, after further research and an internal design kick-off session, we opted for a live action video which we felt would stretch the conventions of these types of communications, and be more engaging and personal to individual members. To further this we used Lucy, a member of Nuffield Health’s internal team, in the video positioning her as the friendly and relatable face of the campaign.

The timescales for producing the campaign were tight, as members needed to be alerted to the statutory changes by the beginning of April. To meet the deadline and ensure the quality of deliverables we created a structured project plan which relied on reactive project management to ensure that the project stayed on track. This alongside the quick development of a strong working relationship with the Nuffield Health team, with whom this was our first project, were key to the success of the campaign was. By involving the wider company, everyone felt fully invested in the project and the objectives we were all aiming to achieve.


We successfully met the objective of the project, to provide clear information that encouraged members to consider their options and take action, if required. The feedback from the client was extremely positive.

Two weeks after sending, the email has received an exceptional open rate of 29.2% and a click-through rate of over 14%. There have been over 2,000 page views for the campaign landing page which included 686 video views and 1,412 uses of the modeler.

What’s more, the client has reported 600 direct email responses issued as a result of the campaign, 350 calls to the dedicated telephone hotline and 317 recorded contribution revisions.