Johnson Matthey

Creating a clear vision for internal communications


Following a consultation process, Johnson Matthey made a number of changes to its pension scheme that needed to be communicated to employees (who could then choose between four saving options). Working alongside our sister agency, Ferrier Pearce, we were tasked with presenting the options in a clear and concise way to the company’s 5,000+ members of staff and allowing them to model various scenarios before making their choice.


The biggest challenge was taking the huge amount of complicated, technical information and distilling it into one place. We also had to make the content easy to access and easy to understand to reduce the number of queries to the Johnson Matthey pensions team.

To really understand the project and decide the best communication route, we hosted a UX workshop and sketched out some wireframes of an internal modeller tool which would later become known as The JMEPS Projector. Our specialist team within Ferrier Pearce has an in-depth knowledge of pensions and what kind of content engages consumers today. We used this expertise to inform the overall design of the tool, ensuring it was easy to navigate and presenting information in a straightforward way so employees could make informed decisions about their retirement. 

We applied the existing brand and created new visual designs before translating the vast amount of data into one page of content. We used personalised elements and a single sign-on process to ensure a fluent user journey, and a number of features were integrated to help members understand what happens when they retire.


The internal tool was designed to simplify content and make it easier for employees to understand and plan for their retirement. The key objectives were focused on helping members to make informed choices and reducing the number of queries to the pension team which has been achieved.

"No-one else could come anywhere near what FP did for us, and the cost. We’re very pleased with it. Delivered on time and on budget, and we’ve had very good feedback."