FT Live

Content marketing workshop: developing FT Live’s digital presence


Following our roundtable lunch on content marketing, FT Live approached us to discuss how they could use content to boost engagement and increase reach. As the global events arm of the Financial Times, they already had a strong digital presence, so the brief was all about leveraging this and inspiring key stakeholders to use content in a more effective way. Our aim was to empower the team to create an omni-channel marketing strategy that would focus on the customer, and delivering the right message, to the right audience, on the right platform.


The brand has a distinctive, credible and compelling offer, and is well respected across multiple sectors and specialisms. Our challenge was to take the FT’s overarching proposition and present new ways in which the team could communicate across social channels.

A key challenge was segmentation of messaging - the team delivers various events across multiple industries, and so needed to develop a digital marketing strategy that would speak to relevant audiences.

We delivered an immersive brand workshop, which involved the FT Live marketing team and key stakeholders from across the business. We facilitated a number of group and individual tasks, designed to get everyone in the room thinking about their unique offering.

A main focus of the day was exploring tone of voice and how this could flex on social media. We also explored: new content marketing tools and techniques, buyer personas, social media platform analysis, and digital content creation (sharing ideas of how their existing content could be distributed, from video to long-form copy and podcasts).


Following the workshop we created a key takeaway document with our findings, which the team has used to develop their content marketing and social strategy.