Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Driving business growth in Basingstoke


Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council wanted to develop a unique brand identity that would drive their marketing activity and attract new investment to the town and surrounding areas.


From the outset we knew that we needed brand endorsement from the stakeholders and the business communities already operating in Basingstoke. So we held workshops and conducted interviews, which provided valuable insight and engagement at brand launch. We combined this insight with further independent research to influence our creative approach.

Our research revealed that Basingstoke has always been ‘built for business’ and has always seen commerce as a key driver of prosperity. To leverage this strong commercial heritage and drive the town forward we developed the distinctive ‘B’ brand; inspired by the tech and digital communication that Basingstoke endorse. We also provided designs for the responsive website and launched an innovative social strategy and campaign with the #BusinessBuiltIn. Using engagement tactics, storytelling and content development we were able to communicate the new brand values, build relationships and form genuine conversations with the business community.


The website and brand have have already gained good traction and positive feedback within the local community. The social strategy has provided all the tools needed for the internal team at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to effectively manage their own social media accounts. The strategy is formulated around their core purpose of driving businesses to Basingstoke, highlighting the hidden gems of the location while connecting businesses together.

Following the success of the campaign, we were asked to create a placemaking scheme and social media strategy for the wider community - take a look at our Love Basingstoke case study to find out more.


engagement level increase within the business community