Responsive website to drive member understanding and engagement in pension provision.

the brief

The Brief

The Royal Mail wanted to create a new version of their pension website, to improve the user journey and enable their existing pension scheme members to better understand their options for retirement.


The Challenge

Working closely with Ferrier Pearce, we redesigned the visuals for the website utilising Cyril the squirrel, a cartoon character created for the campaign to refresh the look of the site and to make it more engaging.

With so much information to digest and various options available, pension schemes can be complicated to understand! Our main challenge was to improve the overall user journey of the Royal Mail pension site and to simplify and personalise the content within it.

The original website was very content heavy and featured a number of unnecessary pages. Because of this, it was tough for users to navigate and difficult for them to find content that was relevant to them. To tackle this we reduced the number of pages on the website and categorised the content into specific sections. This automatically reduced the number of clicks a user had to make to find relevant content and made the whole user experience much more fluent.

Another challenge we faced was simplifying the pension schemes and helping users to understand their options for retirement. We developed a pensions calculator on the site that allows users to input their personalised pension data, including their planned retirement age. Users can input their data and receive the information they need to help them plan for their future. We regularly tested the site designs with focus groups and took into account their feedback, which helped to shape the final website.

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The Results

A freshly designed responsive website that is easy to navigate and full of tailored content, which has resulted in improved member engagement.

Skills Used

  • content
  • website
  • experience
  • analytics
  • interface

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