Responsive microsite to promote a unique live/work housing development for Crest Nicholson

the brief

The Brief

The Paintworks site is already well-known, but Crest Nicholson wanted to promote its new residential offering and reach quite a niche audience. Our mission was to create a microsite that would complement the existing brand, advertise the new spaces there and appeal to creative people.


The Challenge

Paintworks is a quirky, cool place to live and we knew we had to get this across in both the design and content of the site. We customised every aspect of the website to create a unique, personalised experience for the end user.

We condensed the navigation to make it more user-friendly, introduced creative content and developed a new tone of voice to reflect the quirky atmosphere at Paintworks. The objective of the microsite was to show potential buyers the living spaces and what living here can be like. When people land on the site they can get a real feel for living there, by digitally moving through the alleyways and exploring all the nooks and crannies. To bring the internal rooms to life we designed new, animated floorplans. These encourage users to imagine how they would use the space if they lived there - whether that’s as a home studio, home office or simply family living.

Bristol’s creative quarter has influenced the overall look and feel of the site. We introduced more creative content by interviewing a range of businesses and individuals already living at Paintworks. Telling their story not only makes for some interesting reading, but it allows users to interact with the characters and gain a glimpse into life there.

For imagery, we wanted to build on the story of Paintworks. It’s undergone a huge transformation and many of the warehouses and buildings have been redesigned for the community. To bring the past, present and future to life we created a sliding timeline within the ‘history’ section. This interactive timeline presents old imagery of what the buildings used to look like and, when a user scrolls over it, they’re presented with new imagery of how the buildings look today.

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Paintworks interactive local area map

The Results

A fresh, responsive and modern website that reflects the quirky environment at Paintworks and brings the creative spaces to life.

We have defined the brand purpose for Paintworks and developed a social media strategy to drive traffic to the new website directly from Twitter and Instagram.

Skills Used

  • content
  • insight
  • social
  • website
  • experience
  • interface

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