Brand identity overhaul and set of brand guidelines

the brief

The Brief

TheGivingMachine is a charity focused on giving to other charities. The charity wanted to overhaul their brand and come up with a completely new set of brand guidelines to bring their guiding principles to life and help specific messages appeal to specific audiences.


The Challenge

We got straight to work creating a set of brand guidelines, which could be rolled out across the charity.

These brand guidelines are designed to bring the charity’s guiding principles to life, help specific messages appeal to specific audience demographics and to make sure the staff and brand’s partners are aligned with the overarching mission of ‘giving’.

‘Giving back’ is at the heart of the charity, so a heart logo reflected the brand proposition. We linked the old brand with the new by creating a modern heart logo made up of cogs. This logo works on an emotional level as well as a proposition level - the cog graphics support the charity’s ethos of constantly moving and constantly giving. This strong avatar can now be used across various platforms including social media and (because we’re always forward-thinking) we created some icons that could be developed into a future app.

The brand has three clear target markets - shoppers, retail businesses and beneficiaries and it was necessary to create unique communications for each of them. For the hero colour, we wanted to emphasise the charity’s warm and friendly persona so we used a graduated yellow. We think it’s a colour that gives off a lot of energy and is associated with being happy. Not only does it reinforce the ‘feel good factor’ you get from giving to charity, but the graduation symbolises how the brand is always evolving. We then developed the rest of the colour spectrum. Blue was used for the retail businesses because it represents loyalty and purple was chosen for the beneficiaries because of its association with humanitarianism and creativity. Alongside all of this, we chose a bank of new photography, using emotive images to make the brand easy to relate to. We then developed a new typography to bring all of it together. But the job wasn’t finished there! We love digital, so we had great fun bringing this all to life online.

The Giving Machine new brand identitiy

The Results

An innovative new brand that reflects the charity’s ethos and personality. The new brand guidelines make the charity more recognisable and easier to relate to and give the charity lots of new collateral to use across their marketing materials.

"I’m delighted with the new brand identity that Kolab produced for us. We have found it easy to apply in all the areas that were previously challenging and it just feels part of who we are now - thank you!"

Richard Morris Founder, Chief Executive at TheGivingMachine

Skills Used

  • insight
  • experience
  • interface

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