Bringing a story to life with an interactive experience

the brief

The Brief

In 2016, Ferrier Pearce Creative Group (FPCG) celebrated 25 years of creative communications. Our task was to bring the brand’s 25 year story to life and effectively communicate the company’s overall structure to its prospective and existing clients.


The Challenge

We designed and developed a new interactive microsite to demonstrate each division's purpose and to promote the Group’s overall shared values. A main objective of the project was to promote the company’s story so far, highlighting major achievements and reflecting on big events that have taken place in the creative and digital industry during the last quarter of a century.

To take users on this journey and to create an immersive and inspiring user experience, we created a moving timeline, full of interactive content. The timeline supports all forms of content and houses interviews with team members, quotes from clients, imagery and the Group’s promotional video. We also integrated the company’s social channels including updates from Kolab, Key and Ferrier Peace to keep the content on the site looking fresh. The microsite is (of course) fully responsive and can be viewed across multiple browsers and devices.

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FPCG 25 years branding - animated logo

The Results

The microsite successfully brings the Group’s journey to life and celebrates the 25 year milestone the company has achieved, whilst still celebrating each brand's individual identity, teams, clients and successes. Through the creation of a flexible visual editor (which we coded from scratch) we have also delivered a website that is totally future-proof as the FPCG team can log in to the admin area and add content and imagery to the timeline as their journey continues.  

Skills Used

  • content
  • website
  • experience
  • interface

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