Welcoming our new Digital Project Manager


It’s been a busy few months at Kolab HQ. So busy in fact, that we decided it was about time for another creative mind to join the team; cue Daria Kudla, our new Digital Project Manager!

Having been agency-side for three years, Daria has worked with high-profile brands including TK Maxx and Adidas and brings a mixture of print, video and digital experience to the role.

Daria will be working with our team of strategic thinkers and makers  to ensure all of our digital projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. Alongside managing the day-to-day logistics of each project, from website builds to online marketing campaigns, Daria will be keeping track of schedules and deadlines - all in all, she will be making things happen!

It’s an exciting role, says Daria. I love the creativity! Many people think that managing projects is just a static office job but in this field, it’s not the case! It's very social too - there are so many people involved in preparing even the tiny pieces of a project and it’s my job to communicate with all of them. I’m also constantly learning new things, which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to working with the team and delivering high-quality digital solutions to our clients.

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