We’ve launched a new brand and website for a unique farm experience in Shropshire.




Smiling Tree Farm is a 70-acre holding in the rolling hills of south Shropshire where delicious nutrient-rich food from native and rare-breed animals is produced, using organic, permaculture and holistic farm management.

We have developed a versatile identity that encompasses many of the aspects of Smiling Tree Farm - Connection with nature, forward-thinking methods and ecological sensibilities, quality of life, artisan and craft culture, the ‘new ruralism’ and provenance of produce.

The illustrated marque is a stylised tree that is encircled by a continuous line. In addition to the allusion to growth & nature, the unbroken line that ‘holds’ the tree calls to mind the notion of a holistic approach and nurturing environment.

The visual language of the brand takes inspiration from the farm and surrounding environment. Rolling hills, natural slate, wild flowers, beautiful interior
and exterior textures all help to reflect the quality of experience and the environment that Smiling Tree Farm has to offer, alongside the heritage of the area.


The visual identity and values were translated online with a waterfall design which allows for visitors to share in the mix of traditional and modern experiences and methods used in the running of the farm, inspiring them to visit.  


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