The time is Now for Google


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if money were no object? I certainly have, and alongside having a number of glamorous cars on my drive and a wardrobe full of brand new clothes, I would quite like a butler.

With a little help from modern technology, my dream can become reality, thanks to Google Now. I know what you’re all thinking. How can Google create a living, breathing butler? Truth is, it can’t. But what it can do is give you all the information you need about your life. As Google say it gives you, ‘the right information at just the right time.’
Google Now, which is available on both Android and the iPhone, will inform you about traffic, the weather, sports results and much more, before you’ve even thought about it. How? Well, say you have a meeting at 10am in the city and you were going to drive but the traffic was horrendous (surprise, surprise.) Google Now will tell you that you need to leave the house 40 minutes earlier than planned so that you still make your meeting on time. Oh, and you might want to grab that umbrella sitting by the front door on your way out. How does it know you have the meeting? That you weren’t going to jump on the tube? That it’s raining? Well not only has Google Now scanned your calendar, it has also verified your emails, double-checked the weather forecast and inspected the traffic situation. Clever eh?
As you’d expect, Mashable has been reporting on Google Now since 2012 but is has only recently become more mainstream. When Director of Product Management of Google, Tamar Yehoshoua, spoke to Mashable she said ‘The phone is something you always have with you, and Google Now can anticipate the information you might want and provide you with what's most relevant to your life and interests. The more you use it, the more it gets to know you.’
As an avid user of my iPhone, with a love for technology and all things digital, I’m looking forward to seeing what Google Now can do for me, but if you’re not a fan of technology then beware: experts are predicating that it will become even more mainstream by being incorporated into alarm clocks, refrigerators and bathroom mirrors. This is in addition to it being integrated with Google Glass, which we are already seeing reports on.
In this day and age you either have to live and breath technology and the changes that are taking place on a daily basis, or get left behind. I, for one, want to be in the thick of it. Now I’m off to download my butler.
So, Google Now today.

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