Texas Joe's: A tasty piece of work


Here at Kolab Digital, we have been known to follow our stomachs, and for our latest project we’ve done just that. Kolab Digital has teamed up with Texas Joe’s developing their new responsive website and online brand.

After seeing Joe on Dragons Den, our creative juices started flowing and our taste buds tingling and we couldn’t resist approaching him for a pow-wow on how to get involved with a great brand. His appearance on the show grabbed the attention of many others and Joe and his Jerky has risen in popularity so much that a new web offering and ecommerce proposition was called for - a challenge which is right up our street. A steady supply of delicious samples has been a great bonus and helped to feed our creativity to deliver a website we are pretty damn proud of.

The new site launch is set for late February to coincide with the opening of the Texas Joe’s BBQ Joint in London. This means even more delicious Jerky for us at Kolab, as well as an exciting pardner (get it?!).

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