iOS7: First thoughts


The Kolab team have been playing with the GM release of iOS7 for the past few days, find out our verdict below.

iOS 7 introduces great new features like Control Centre, AirDrop and smarter multitasking. It also makes the things you do every day even easier, faster and more enjoyable. And while many of the apps look different (controversially), the way you do things feels familiar.

So, Control Centre is a nice addition, all your essential shortcuts are here, including the torch and bluetooth. Notification Centre lets you know about new mail, missed calls, to-dos that need doing and more, but we still need to see how much Apple will allow third party applications to integrate with this feature, it might then become more useful. Our favourite feature (which we have been waiting for since the launch of the iPhone) is Multitasking; iOS 7 will learn when you like to use your apps and even more useful, an easier way of quitting those open or unused apps. 

Other improvements include Siri; which does work well, quick reply options on calls, better photo management, smoother and quicker camera features and a better Safari experience. Older apps that we tested all seem to cope quite well with the new user interface without any crashing issues.

On that note, the UI has improved dramatically and all the dynamic blur effects and transparent 3D animations are beautifully subtle. We are still undecided about the new icon set, some work, some don't, but give it a few more weeks and Apple may prove us wrong… maybe!

iOS7 will become publicly available on the 18 September 2013, and like most dedicated Apple users, applying this free upgrade is going to be an easy decision for most.

Find out more on Apple's website.

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