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It feels like we've just experienced the first breath of the future of wearable tech in the UK. As Google Glass officially launched their product in the UK on Friday 27th June, we leapt at the opportunity to gain an understanding of this highly anticipated technology. It is the first time Google Glass has been released officially outside of the USA and lucky for us, the launch was right on our doorstep at Granary Square, Kings Cross and we were among the first to get a glimpse of it. 
Georgie #throughglass
I’m usually very skeptical about brand new tech and not one to jump up at the first sniff of a trend that’s going to develop over the next three years into something more usable. My expectations were along the lines of a cool and expensive toy, not something worth investing in right away. 
However, as soon as we were in, our techie, Tom gave us a short introduction, then handed us each a pair to try ourselves. Suddenly it became clear that the technology has been developed to make life more efficient. The Google X Developers don’t experiment to improve a current product by 10%, but to break the trend and improve it 10 fold. 
We know it has proven to boost productivity and will cause some ripples in the fast-moving world of digital. My question was, how can this be relevant to me and my day to day life? Honestly, I think it was fantastic. It was like a much smarter version of Siri. You can connect it to your phone, use GPS, take photos, sync it with your computer and even set commands sensitive to a wink! The navigation is controlled by voice command, but you can choose to be discreet and use the touch pad on the side as an alternative. You do feel a bit like Professor Xavier at times but I can imagine it being perfect for things like presentations, giving you the ability to see your script and the audience would be none the wiser.
How does it differ from the phone? Well, I’ve been sitting here this afternoon working away, thinking how useful it would be to have that little screen on the edge of my glasses, answering a quick question or just checking the train times. Instead of averting my attention to the phone, I can do it all by voice, so I could multi-task. Did I mention they’re really stylish too? Good work Google.
Sharing the experience 
It was really quick to get used to it. To describe the experience, it was like having a projection in the top of your screen that you can glance at and ask to fetch information for you there and then. There were four different stations and we explored all of them. 
Tap and say “OK Glass” and the screen engages. Point it at a poster in Italian, command ‘translate this’ and select your language. The poster changes in front of your very eyes- in the same colour and layout as the version on the wall. A visit to the music station showed us the clever device can recognise the music playing and give you the lyrics in realtime so you can sing along. We explored the stars, discovering all the constellations - great if you’re trying to impress your first date - and finally the fun part: the photo booth!  
The future
Yes, it's great to have as a piece of cool tech, but think about what Google are doing with this. They're reaching for the accessible digital future. Remember they have just launched Nest, meaning we will be connecting everything in our home. It has already become our base in the workplace - business and location finders, Google mail and Google docs etc. Will it become central to the way we live? When you look at the bigger picture, Google Glass is just another dot, but a necessary connection in the digital world. Their aim is to give you the gift of information, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.
If like us, you are interested in the Google Glass technology that we believe is going to play a big part in shaping the progression of digital, there are Glass Explorer meetup groups you can get involved in. We managed to get our hands on a pair and can’t wait to explore the opportunities further. We’ll be posting more detailed information about our thoughts on Google Glass soon.
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