Google Checkout about to close for business


Google has recently announced the retirement of its Checkout product on Wednesday 20 November 2013. Those currently selling through this provider will need to prepare for the changes before the deadline. 

The decision will affect users of the Checkout selling physical goods. At Kolab, we are already working with our clients in order to implement replacement services. 

Paypal is a reliable alternative offered by the well-known payment provider that delivers a seamless user experience, and is the most popular amongst our clients. For more complex functionality, we also offer re-building e-commerce websites including the ever popular Shopify platform.

At Kolab, we’ll scope the functionality according to the client’s requirements and we will help set up and integrate the chosen product, in order to provide an easy and smooth transition to the new service. 

Please note that merchants using Google Play or those selling digital goods (who may transfer to Google Wallet instead) will be unaffected by the shutdown of Google Checkout. 

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