Facebook starts spending!


The BBC is on to it, so is Sky News and the Financial Times. Mr Zuckerberg’s changes to Facebook haven’t caused this much of a stir in a while, and he doesn’t seem to be treading on too many toes in the process!

Currently in its early stages, Facebook has announced it is stepping into the world of ecommerce as it tests a new mobile payment feature.

Customers will be able to store their payment details, which will then automatically fill in forms when they use a mobile app to make a payment.

After revenues soared from ecommerce companies buying advertising space in its last quarter, it proved that Facebook advertising is a worthwhile investment.

This new development could be great for businesses with mobile apps using Facebook as a platform for advertising and the theory behind it is, that it will help advertisers generate revenue directly via Facebook.

It will be possible to track purchases that originate from Facebook allowing advertisers to make their spend more accountable plus the sneaky truth that it will make it easier for the billion-odd Facebook users to spend their money on mobile devices.  

Privacy has always been an anomaly with Facebook - will it put people off?

It is something that has certainly sparked our curiosity. We know that the social media giant doesn’t move a chess piece unless they envisage money pouring through the door.

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