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Our Strategic Director, Debbie, is teaming up with YouthNet and needs your vote in our #teamawesomeness campaign.

If they achieve the most votes, Debbie will be spending two days away from her day job to help YouthNet with their marketing campaigns, helping them to reach even more young people affected by the many issues that they face in their everyday lives.

YouthNet support over 1.5 million 16 to 25 year olds in the UK each year. As the UK’s first exclusively online charity, YouthNet create digital solutions to ease young people’s isolation and make their lives better. To ensure they are providing useful and relevant services, they co-create all of their products with their network of young people as their input is crucial to creating successful services that will benefit their lives.

I feel so encouraged by the work that YouthNet are doing. It’s not easy for young people to open up or access the support they need for mental health, housing, relationships, employment and the host of other issues they face. I am sure that we can all identify with at least one young person in our friends and family circle who could benefit from YouthNet’s services. Debbie Harvey, Strategic Director

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