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LinkedIn recently announced the launch of University Pages, a breakthrough that will help to bridge the gap for high school students searching for higher education, and an exciting opportunity for universities and colleges to reach out to those prospective students as an essential part of their marketing strategy. 

To complement this process, LinkedIn also recently began allowing high school students to create their own profiles, enabling them to explore universities and colleges worldwide and to form early relationships within those networks. Along with the ability to access regular updates about campus news and activities, prospective students can connect with current students and alumni to hear their experiences, and can also identify the often undiscovered diverse career paths taken.

Let's examine this further

The opportunity to interact with students in their first or second years is a valuable one. No longer relying on the pipeline of students who have already decided to apply, a wider audience can be reached and nurtured, and a credible brand presence established.

LinkedIn are making the pages more widely available since launch, at a rate of thousands over the next few weeks. It is worth exploring populated pages now to see how some of the key features can be fully optimised. 

Key features include:

Public news feed stream

Aggregated information regarding alumni, what they studied, skills, industry and workplace 

Featured LinkedIn Groups. The perfect platform for inviting alumni along to engage in discussion with prospective students

Notable alumni featured on sidebar

Engagement will give you top marks

As with any other social channel, quality content is key in maintaining an engaged audience. And those experiences within LinkedIn, will need to be consistent through the same application of quality content when landing on the website. A recent search of active pages already shows some telling signs of unanswered comments from prospective students. A well thought out customer service policy will help to avoid these potential pitfalls.

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