Attention! This is your 4 minute warning


Last week I was unexpectedly asked to attend an event in London. The first thought that entered my head was… ‘Yes! I’m being let out of the office.’ Debbie, my line manager, quickly burst that bubble for me. ‘This a really important event, Rachel. You’ll need to make lots of notes and come back and present your findings in the next CRT meeting.’ Despite being brought down to earth with a bump, I do love a challenge and this was the perfect opportunity to hone my networking skills and learn something new.

The event, organised by The Drum, a marketing magazine that we work closely with, was simply called ‘4 minute warning’. Not knowing what to expect, I made the journey on a cold (and in some places snowy) Wednesday morning to London, arriving at the Crystal ready and raring for the day ahead.

Despite the event running a little behind schedule (giving us more time to network and eat pastries), the event got underway with a short but sweet opening from Steve Kemish, who continued to entertain us throughout the rest of the day. He was quickly followed by Russell Buckley’s ‘4 minute warning’. Now what exactly is a ‘4 minute warning’ I hear you ask? Well truth be told, I don’t think I fully understand it yet, but it’s certainly something we all need to be aware of.

Next up was ‘Sh*t happens’, a panel session by Justin Pearse from Bite Communication and Co. The panel gave us their predictions for 2013, which included ‘a creative canvas, a space for creative agencies to really take charge of’, and that we will see the ‘virtual and real world merging,’ and that it is ‘a good time to be a start up’.

The rest of the day was filled with information and words like ‘exponential growth’, ‘shape shifting’ and ‘disruption.’ We saw demonstrations of live 3D printing, fantastic examples of augmented reality and heard about how mobile phones will be able to analyse our emotions. It was predicted that by 2036 a mobile phone will be the size of a red blood cell, but yet be one billion times more powerful than now.

We were also taught new techniques in marketing strategy, for example: how the restaurant MEATliquor became so popular because they are true to themselves, that remixing is fundamental to digital culture, that failure isn’t the end and that we shouldn’t take no for an answer.

My favourite quote of the day had to be from Laura Jordan Bambach who said ‘If we’re eating less of the grass and looking more at the sh*t – we’re f**ked!’ It’s true. Let’s look more about what’s going on around us, digest the information and get creative, rather than churn out the same old rubbish.

‘4 minute warning’ was unlike any event I’ve ever been to. Putting aside all of the expletives that flew around the room, there was a lot of information to digest and investigate further. Some of the topics discussed surprised me, and some scared me, but one thing is for certain, it excited me.

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