GDPR - What We've Learned

GDPR - What We've Learned

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With a month to go till the GDPR legislation comes into effect, here are a few things we've learned:

  1. Everyone’s talking about it - which means suddenly friends are interested in each other's jobs

  2. It’s an opportunity to discuss things honestly and improve your processes with your clients

  3. It means we can threaten to sue telemarketers if they don’t stop calling!

  4. Reading the small print and checking data privacy settings on sign up is enlightening

  5. I have the right to have my data deleted but won’t be ever able to tell it really has 

  6. It impacts our work far more than we could ever expected - especially the sensitivity over handling and owning data

  7. Quality over quantity finally has meaning again in marketing

  8. Timing is everything - the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal couldn’t have come at a better time to convince people that GDPR is A GOOD THING

  9. Even if you have 2 years to prepare for something you’ll finish right before deadline!

  10. Despite all the pain, the fact you’ve spent the last few months thinking about what data you hold, why you hold it, where you hold it and what you do with it can only be positive


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