Find the Social Media channel that’s right for you!

Find the Social Media channel that’s right for you!

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It’s 2019 and Social Media is everywhere. You’ll be surprised how many times you see social icons and big businesses jumping on different social channels or people waking up and checking their Instagram or Twitter feed as part of their morning routine. We are constantly being consumed by Social Media, and new platforms are being introduced every year. Stats by Hootsuite just gives you a glimpse of the 2019 digital rise and of course there are 3.484 billion ACTIVE social users in the world.  

It should seem obvious what the Top 5 social media platforms are, but the level of use varies depending on country and demographics. Therefore it is essential to understand that though there is a rise in social media usage, not all platforms target the right people. 

We’ve broken it down how people and businesses can utilise each platform. 

Facebook is still the most popular social network worldwide, with 1.52 billion daily active users on average as of Dec 2018!  It allows you to chat via Facebook messenger, create live-stream videos, groups, events, and business pages. Businesses are utilising these tools to create online engagement and develop their brand identity.   

Some people like to have conversations with brands, find out about events and join groups that engages with their interest, whereas some, just use Facebook to connect with old friends and colleagues. 

The type of content that works well, are rich media content with links, videos and images as they get more engagement! Post timing is also important. People tend to check Facebook during their lunch break or after work, so posting content during this time will have more visibility. 

Keep in mind that:
    •    Facebook is a very opinionated platform, so you are likely to get comments that you may or may not agree with. So be prepared to answer these types of comments. 

    •    It is an open platform, so you can’t restrict people from talking negatively 


Youtube, with 1 billion active users, is best known for video sharing where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. From watching beauty videos to DIY tutorials, people are actively binge watching and stats show that 18-49 year olds spent 4% less time watching TV, while time on Youtube went up by 74%! For many young people over the past few years, Youtube is used to watch music videos, comedy shows, how to guides, recipes, hacks, follow their favourite bloggers and more. The 35+ and 55+ are the fastest growing demographics for Youtube, so no matter who your audience are, they are likely to be using Youtube.

If you can visually show your business through high quality videos that stand out, then Youtube is a platform to go for. Though - always remember to stay consistent, engage with viewers, take advantage of ads and boost your search engine ranking through SEO!     

Keep in mind that:
    •    High quality videos and being consistent is key, if you only have a few videos to upload then starting a Youtube channel might not be the right choice. 


Moving on to the more ‘younger’ demographic platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat… 

Instagram, one of THE MOST POPULAR platforms to share photos and video content with people around the world. Like most social platforms you can make your profile public or private and since the launch back in 2010, Instagram has evolved from sharing photos and videos to live videos, stories and IGTV. Businesses are jumping on the Instagram trend and, now, at least 60% of Instagram users actually discover new products/businesses through the platform. Soon we might even see IG Shopping! 

Users are sharing inspiring content, interacting with other users by following them, commenting, tagging, liking, private messaging and even saving posts they like. Businesses are trying to sell their products teaming up with influencers who dominate the social space to create brand awareness. 
Over 70% of Instagrams 800+ million active users are under 35s. To build an audience that is engaged and loyal, quality content is vital!engage and create hashtags, use stories and IGTV features. Tag other users and geographical location in your posts to reach a wider audience, but remember not to overkill your hashtags! 

If you are targeting a younger audience then Instagram is definitely the place to be. Creativity is also key, see our case study here on what we achieved with Paintworks, a Crest Nicholson development in the heart of Bristol. 

    •    Join Instagram if you have great images to showcase your product that also allows you to jump on trending hashtags

    •    Introduce new campaigns every now and then to keep your feed alive and interesting

    •    Don’t oversell your product, as Instagram is a platform to show visuals creatively

    •    Do have a mixture of videos and static images! 

Snapchat. A image and video messaging app that has had a few ups and downs since its launch in 2011. But with 186 million daily active users, Snapchat allows you to send ‘snaps’ to your stories and friends that will only last for 24 hours then disappear.

Keep in mind that Snapchat is mainly used by millennials and generation Z, so if your target audience is much older then this would not be the right platform. 

To be successful, make sure you post relevant content often, create sponsored lens/filters, promote your Snapchat channel on other platforms and target social influencers! Social influencers are on the rise and because they already have an established following you can expose your business to a wider following! 
    •    Snapchat has a younger target audience

Twitter. Most popular with people in their 20s, Twitter is good for micro-blogging, posting GIFs, getting your daily news feed. It’s platform is useful to connect people together, some like to live-tweet their day, share and find content, while others will only engage with content that is relevant to them.   

At least 85% of small and medium businesses provide customer service via Twitter. 

The total amount of Twitter users in the UK is 13 million! If you want to build an online presence via Twitter, then be prepared to participate in real time conversations, be constantly present and overall have engaging content. Have a look at some content we produced for our clients here.

    •    People like to express their views and this can spread around fast! (VIRAL!) So be prepared for people to have positive and negative opinions. 

    •    Your tweets can lead to conversations happening that you have no control of. E.g if you have loads of negative comments under your own tweet, these can not be deleted. 

WeChat. The one app that actually has it all - a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app., WeChat has over 1 billion monthly users and although the majority based are in China, it is also widely used in countries such as Thailand and its influence is slowly spreading to the West so we should all be aware of its benefits. 

Though some of you may not have heard of WeChat - if your business targets the Chinese market then this is the platform to start. It has become so huge in China, that people can’t get through the day without using this app! Even ‘98% of Chinese nationals living in the UK use WeChat!’. 

You can pay by using a QR code, chat to your friends, post on your timeline, set up official subscriptions accounts (similar to FB pages) and much more. Essentially it’s Apple Pay, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Amazon all in one app! 
This is definitely a platform to look out for!  

No matter what social platform you use, you can ultimately build brand awareness, relationships, generate leads, drive website traffic and much more. Social Media is a unique tool for reaching the perfect audience and easily interacting with people around the world and it’s here to stay and will constantly evolve, so jump on the social side today!

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