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Facebook Community Boost

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There are 375 million people abroad that are connected to small businesses in the UK. How can you grow internationally and target people outside of the UK especially if they speak a different language?

Facebook Community Boost

Social media is a very fast-paced field and staying on top of our game is not only necessary but also very interesting (I guess we are biased). We recently went to Facebook Community Boost event here in London looking to get the latest insights into Facebook ads and expand our knowledge about running International campaigns.

There were many interesting sessions and we were lucky enough to get into all the ones that we wanted. Since it was a Facebook event our focus was to find out how to take Facebook ads to the next level. We delved into setting advertising objectives, advanced targeting and explored many other less than obvious but important criteria.

The opening panels each day ended up being our highlights. After meeting small business owners and listening to their success stories we felt inspired and enthusiastic to explore the world of ads even deeper.

It was fascinating to discover that 375 million people abroad are connected to small businesses in the UK. David, founder of Huit Denim Co shared a truly inspiring story. He believes that the internet changed economics and that changed his town.  David and his wife re-opened a jeans factory in Wales giving people back jobs they've been doing for thirty years. Without targeted Facebook advertising, the company wouldn’t have been able to sell as many jeans in locally and hire as many people back into the factory. “Facebook is probably the second most important tool we have, the sewing machine being number one. I was a bit cautious about whether Facebook would work, but now I’m a complete convert: I know it does” - David.

The creators of SunGod sunglasses realised that in the UK winter time they can still sell their product if they target Australia and South Africa, countries who are going into summer.

375 million people abroad are connected to small business in the UK


How do you target people outside of the UK especially if they speak a different language?

  1. Start by exploring Cross Border Insights Finder tool which gives the cross border worldview to identify, map and size up new growth opportunities around the world.

  2. Instead of overloading yourself and having different campaigns and posts for different languages, create one campaign with multi-lingual ads and let Facebook auto-optimize your campaign budget to deliver ads in the right language to the right people.

Mobile Studio!

A lot of us seem to ask the question ‘What does it take to make a great ad?’, and start looking at some of the creative barriers which are equipment, money, knowledge and confidence!

One of the sessions at the event covered the new ways of getting creative with your mobile phone and how the power of a brilliant camera and a few apps can help you deliver some awesome ads. Here are some examples that we’ve created: 
We also learned how to level up our Instagram presence with new features like Instagram Stories ads, Actions and Shopping tags that are designed to make it easier for customers to engage with businesses. 


Remember, don’t be afraid to start something, even the most successful people were once beginners!

Facebook ad tips

1. If you want to take advantage of more precise audience targeting choose facebook ad manager over boosting posts.

2. We all know that videos get a lot more attention than static images. What is the easiest way to create them without complicated software? Another tip from the ‘Mobile Studio’ -There are quite a few apps out there that can help you with day-to-day videos. Check out Quick to create beautiful video edits, use customisable templates to create eye-catching animated posts in Ripl and play around in Legend that animates written text.

3. Don’t get lost in Instagram stories, live streams and IGTV offerings. Use the feed to give your audience a brief glimpse into your company. Create stories to capture casual content behind the scenes, live streams for Q & A and exciting moments and IGTV for conversations over 15 seconds. 

FACT: 60% of IGTV viewers watch it with the sound on, another opportunity to connect with your audience.

60% of IGTV viewers watch it with the sound on


4. And finally, there is a way to turn the text in Instagram stories in rainbow colour (we know that's a biggie!)

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