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Kolab roundtable lunch

The importance of strategy in digital communications

It is safe to say that digital is now an integral part of everything we do.

The importance of strategy in digital communications
Key roundtable lunch

Digital Property marketing

Much has been made of PropTech, so we explore the variety of options available, their true value to the consumer and what the future might hold.

abstract image of digital marketing icons
Key roundtable lunch

Building meaningful relationships through social channels

How can you use social platforms to increase brand awareness and build genuine connections with your audience?

abstract image representing social media connections and relations in the internet
Hornbeam roundtable lunch

There is life after GDPR

With the focus on getting your data in order before GDPR implementation day on 25th May, it's easy to forget the positives.

Ferrier Pearce roundtable lunch

How to develop a video communications strategy

How can video communications inspire individuals to think about their future and start investing in it?

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