Our Approach

Our approach is influenced through in-depth research and valuable insight, making sure we fully understand your target market as a foundation.


Our 3 Step

We work to a 3-step methodology to understand and deliver your project.
Throughout the journey, we will work through our tried and tested digital process to ensure that each milestone of the project is clearly communicated and approved at critical stages. Below are the 3-steps broken down to clarify how we work... collaboratively.

  • strategy and insight

    Strategy & Insight


    The journey begins with a fun, relaxed and interactive workshop. A series of short exercises will extract all the essentials required for creative digital project; user insight (needs and behaviours), existing content audit and future-proofing. Our solution will be driven by the user insights.


    This information will help us define the approach for our creative output, customer and user journeys, plus any technical requirements such as sitemaps and systems integration.

  • planning and design

    Planning & Design

    The creative

    Using all the insight gathered from the workshop and interviews, we present customer and user journeys along with a series of wireframes and site map for digital projects and scamps for any offline campaigns. Our project management process will plan the project in meticulous detail ensuring the project runs on time and within budget.


    Creative visuals for all deliverables, such as digital, branding, strategy, brochures or advertising materials.

  • delivering and reporting

    Delivering & Reporting

    The techie bit

    Now that we have the creative approved, it’s time to get geeky. This stage will take the designs from the creative stage and implement them into our framework. Once we have completed our internal checks, external links will be provided for you to review and feedback. Analytics and reporting come into play to ensure significant project achievements are gathered and that we can make adjustments to ensure a truly satisfying customer journey across all touchpoints.


    A beautifully designed solution that puts the customer first. We can continue to monitor impact feeding back the results at regular milestones.

creative superheroes


Yes really, and we thrive on presenting unique and rewarding concepts to compete against your competition in an ever-changing world.

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How we work with you

We believe in {Kolab}oration and we believe this can only truly be achieved by us getting to know you, your team, and your business as well as you do.

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Yes, we've got skills! ….not that we like to boast or anything. At Kolab Digital we really are very handy at a whole range of digital solutions, including responsive web design, social media management, interactive video production, creative email campaigns.



Kolab Digital is part of Ferrier Pearce Creative Group, along with Key and Ferrier Pearce. We form a leading independent group of creative agencies, providing marketing, communications, and digital marketing services in both private and public sectors.

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